A Healer, Pure and Simple

Sujaan is a true healer, pure and simple. Her caring approach to her craft and patients makes anyone skittish about acupuncture and holistic care come away thrilled with the ease, comfort and effectiveness of this ancient practice. She has helped me with all sorts of issues with the use of acupuncture as well as chinese herbal formulations.

In just speaking with Sujaan about my inability to lose those pesky 20 pounds — she heard and approached the issue by understanding the specifics to my body. By following the herbal regimen she prescribed, I was able to lose and keep off those 20 pounds — that was nearly 20 years ago — and they are still off! I was a convert after that!


True Genius

When it comes to working the body with acupuncture and healing energy, Sujaan Grimson is a true genius. There have been multiple occasions where she took me out of gut-wrenching pain with the modalities of acupuncture, heat lamps, massage and supplementation. There is nobody like her – Sujaan is a true gift to the planet. She can intuitively understand your needs and be there working your pain points…before you’ve even told her where it hurts.

-Laura Banks

Renewed and Mentally recharged

I have been a loyal patient of Sujaan Grimson for many years. Being a professional drummer (with a second career as a fine artist), my body gets beaten up by repetitive motion. I have found Sujaan has the ability to not only heal those aches and pains, but has taught me how to maintain a healthier life through the knowledge she has shared. I always leave an appointment with Sujaan physically renewed and mentally recharged.

-Michael Cartellone, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Relief from Back Pain

Sujaan solved my back problems. For about ten years, once a year, my back went out. Then one fall, it happened three times in about six weeks, and it took about a week to be ok each time, so in desperation, I finally took a friend’s advice and called Sujaan. I went to see her about once a week for a few months, then once every couple of weeks, then once a month, then down to every few months. That was about twelve years ago and my back has only had problems once in that time and it was when I hadn’t gone to see Sujaan in a year because I was so busy. Sujaan is a lovely person, and her treatment combining acupressure massage and acupuncture fixes problems.

She’s wonderful!

-Sarah O’Neill

I Trust My Body And My Soul To This Wonderful Angel

When I first met Sujaan, I was familiar with the experience of acupuncture but certainly NOT the experience of Sujaan. It was unlike anything I expected. Get this – she does not leave you alone! Seriously, unlike other acupuncture places, she remains in the room with you throughout the entire session. After a thorough investigation of your issue, she begins with wet heat, then performs a full body massage (magic hands!!), finds a few additional sources of pain and discomfort you never knew were there…and then, like an angel, she relieves the body and the mind of pain and troubles. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine is expansive and if she doesn’t have an answer to your burning question right then, she will research and investigate for you, until you’re satisfied. I made a special trip from Florida, after extensive rotator cuff surgery, just to see her, knowing she would be able to offer healing power to the process. (And on a purely personal basis, she’s a great theater buddy and a wonderful dinner companion.)

I trust my body – and my soul – to this wonderful angel.


Healer With A Magical Touch

Sujaan is a very talented healer. She has a magical touch as well as a caring heart as a doctor. Any time I had any body pains, Sujaan was a great in helping fixing the pains. I highly recommend Sujaan to anyone looking to heal their body.

-Samantha J.

Relief from Severe Sciatica

I started working with Sujaan after spending almost two unsuccessful years attempting to treat a severe case of sciatica with physical therapy, pain medication and powerful anti inflammatories. While I was resistant to try non western therapies, a friend finally convinced me to call Sujaan. I cannot say enough about how utterly amazed I was by the results. Not only was I completely mobile and pain free after a few sessions but perhaps the greatest benefit was the awareness I gained about my own well being and general health. I have continued to see Sujaan regularly for treatment, which is both therapeutic and preventative. It has honestly changed my life! She is a gifted healer and teacher.


A Multitude of Health Issues Addressed and Resolved

I had never experienced acupuncture before I went to Sujaan and now it’s my preferred form of medicine. If I’m healthy I go for regular ‘tune-ups’ and if I have a crisis of some kind, she’s the first person I called when I lived in NY. Her wonderful healing nature and treatments cured my colds, injuries, insomnia or stress and I learned so much about how to care for myself through nutrition and living a balanced life. I wish I still lived in NY to see her regularly!

-Alisa Wyatt (Pilates Instructor)

Sujaan Keeps Me Dancing

Often times I limp into Sujaan’s office. Her smile and warm greetings lift my spirit, as I pass the threshold to her office. The caring strength of Sujaan’s hands and electrifying accuracy of her acupuncture, keep me dancing, as a dancer long past his 20’s and an active father to his very energetic boys. For this I am thankful. For Sujaan I am truly THANKFUL!


Left with Strong Energy and Joy

It was a hard winter! I felt exhausted, depleted, discouraged and didn’t know what was wrong with me. After being in Sujaan’s care for more than an hour with massage, acupuncture, others things and pampering, I left her place filled with a beautiful strong energy and joy in my heart. Thank you Sujaan!