Sujaan M. Grimson L.Ac, MTOM, NCCAOM, IKYTA

Sujaan earned her Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine degree at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California in 1991.  Emperor’s College is one of the oldest and most respected private colleges in America for formal studies in the Traditional Medical Arts including Chinese herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, Tai Chi, Chinese nutritional counseling, Qi Gong and Tui Na.  Sujaan completed her pre-med classes at Santa Monica City and Los Angeles Valley Colleges.  After graduating with honors from Emperor’s, she spent four months in Shanghai, China completing an additional post graduate program in Oriental Medicine while working in six hospitals.  She is licensed by the Medical Board of California and the State Education Department of New York.  She was also certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists in 1992. She also earned a certification by IKYTA, The International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association.

Sujaan began studying Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure at only 16 years of age. A dear friend of her family practiced acupressure and one day she wasn’t feeling well so Sujaan offered to help. As soon as she layed her hands on the woman, it was clear Sujaan had a gift. The acupressurist, Sandra Rocco, began teaching Sujaan everything she knew and it soon became apparent to her that the student was surpassing the teacher. Sujaan went on to study everything she could about health and healing.

For nearly 30 years she has practiced numerous forms of healing, bodywork, and yoga. She first worked for a well known chiropractor Suhkdev Dail, PhD. in North Hollywood, Ca. Dr. Dail took her under his tutelage and she learned everything she could from his wealth of experience. She went on to study with some of the finest practitioners from India, China, Korea, Japan, and America.

She began her first private practice in Santa Monica, California.  She also served the southern California community as a volunteer for respected alternative substance abuse clinic, Turnabout ASAP (Alternative Substance-Abuse Project) which used acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat addiction.  She lectured around Los Angeles for Turnabout ASAP for which she was honored for her outstanding service and distinguished support in 1991. She spent time training other acupuncturists at the renowned substance abuse program at Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx on which Turnabout ASAP had been modeled. She was also an active volunteer at many other community outreach programs providing acupuncture to the mentally ill and homeless, and raised awareness and funding for medical aid for El Salvador to provide prosthetic limbs for children from land mine injuries.

Sujaan moved to New York City in 1995 where she built her second private practice in Manhattan. She was in SoHo for many years and now has an office conveniently located on West 34th Street.

Continuing education is one of her passions and Sujaan regularly attends classes on a multitude of subjects to stay up to date with the latest health and nutritional research.  Through her many years of experience and her dedication to learning she has developed her own intuitive bodywork methods which incorporate shiatsu, acupressure, Mayan abdominal massage, Craniosacral therapy and Chinese Tui Na and trigger point therapy. Having been practicing yoga since she was a small child with her Mother she decided to deepen her knowledge of her yoga practice and in 1999 became certified as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor.  In early 2000 after many years of private practice focusing on women’s health, fertility, menopause, pregnancy and postpartum issues, she trained and worked as a Childbirth Doula.  She considers this one of her most rewarding learning experiences and even though today her busy practice does not allow for the rigorous schedule of attending births, she maintains a constant dialogue with the Doula community which is an unfailing resource for her patients and the entire New York community. Sujaan has lectured about the benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine on radio and on television and she was also featured as the expert on the Chinese medical perspective in a comprehensive video on menopause in the late 90s. She has spoken to organizations on preventative medicine and has been a guest speaker for UCLA’s School of Public Health. Today in Manhattan, her busy private practice provides an integrative approach to health care and treats both acute and chronic conditions, from back pain to asthma to gastrointestinal disorders and more.

Sujaan believes that disseminating knowledge is the most important aspect of her work and strives to educate her patients on the many ways in which they can improve their health themselves on a daily basis. 

She treats couples struggling with fertility challenges by incorporating her skills in holistic medicine along with her knowledge of western medical fertility treatments and helps couples understand how the combination of Eastern and Western medical practices greatly improves their chances for conception. She is a member of the American Society for Reproductive medicine (ASRM) and The Acupuncture Society of New York (ASNY).